"You can't solve mental health with a vaccine or a bandaid"

We are HatiPlong for Business, the Indonesian Mental Health Benefits Provider for Companies. 

Our mission is to provide Indonesia with high quality and professional Employee Assistance Services, so the well-being of the company and its people can be  increased. 

We believe that the modern way of handling mental issues is no longer by a model of crisismanagement, but through a model of tailored interventions.

Our pro-active and preventative approach to mental health, contributes to the psychological well-being of your people.

Give your people immediate access to support their health and wellbeing through a confidential, digital and expert solution: our NiceDay app.

As a digital mental healthcare provider we  support an individual’s overall health and well-being including burnout / burnout coaching, stress, anxiety, depression, personal issues, grief and loss, along with many other areas.

We see that more  businesses are becoming conscious of their employee mental well-being, so that they can build a workplace that has high levels of employee -satisfaction, -engagement, positive relationships and productivity.

HatiPlong for Business provides an quick psychology solution that can boost the well-being, development and productivity of your employees.

How it works

We want to help you offer mental health benefits to your employees as a pro-active and preventive intervention strategy that helps strengthen their emotional, mental en general psychological well-being.

HatiPlong for Business EAP

HatiPlong for Business provides an rapid psychology solution to complement both established and new employee asistance programs (EAPs).

We can offer availability (if necessary even out of hours) of our experienced telehealth psychologists to ensure that your people have convenient, flexible and even anonymous access to mental health care if they need it.