Employees needing psychological support often face barriers such as stigma and time constraints. HatiPlong for Business offers solutions like burnout coaching to lower these barriers.

We provide tools for clients to self-assess their wellness, which is the first step in determining further support needs. We aim to lower the stigma for therapy, making it simple for employees to get started.


We provide the right service at the right time, delivered to the right person. This approach keeps costs low for organizations by providing tailored interventions: resilience skills for employees without mental issues and therapy for those in need.

Measure the Impact

Through our approach, the employer can measure the impact on stress-free days at work, absenteeism, employee disengagement, and turnover due to stress.

Our innovative approach is client-centered, preventive, easily accessible, convenient, budget-friendly, and increases productivity.

"The innovative HatiPlong for Business approach  is client-centred, preventive, easy accessible (e.g. first by app, and upgraded in care if necessary), convenient (even outside office hours), budget friendly and reducing healthcare expenditure and increasing productivity."

We help employees and their families find solutions to life challenges, aiming to optimize functioning and minimize impact on productivity.

Our services benefit both employees and employers. They provide a cost-free resource for work and life issues, leading to higher productivity when employees are well.

Benefits include confidential, cost-free support, help in managing difficult situations, and new perspectives on old problems. This can result in peace of mind, less stress, better work-life balance, clarity on situations, and new problem-solving ideas.

Mental health benefit programs are crucial in today’s workplace. They positively impact employees dealing with work and family issues, are beneficial for employers who value employee well-being, and make sense for business profitability.