Previously, an employee needing psychological support had to reach out to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for treatment. That involves a number of barriers. For instance the stigma, the time required to plan or attend the session,  or thinking their problems are not serious enough to need therapy,  or maybe even not realizing that they are experiencing a mental health issue.

HatiPlong for Business looks at ways to lower the barrier to start that process, so we can make it as simple as possible for someone to get support, and for instance: provide burnout coaching.

Through our NiceDay app our clients can assess their wellness. That preliminary self-assessment is actually the first step to determine further steps, because our app includes digital programs/trackers on emotions and behavioural health.

After that it’s important to support them in making changes, which lowers the stigma for therapy. Thus, the system makes it simple and non-stigmatising for employees to get started.

That means the employees who actually do need therapy can be quickly upgraded to further support while providing employees not needing mental support with the skills to stay well.


In fact, this is proven to be the best method to keep to keep costs low for an organisation, because essentially more people are supported by providing tailored interventions:  employees without mental issues need lower-cost resilience skills to prevent crises, and employees in need of support need therapy with a specialist, which is provided to them by HatiPlong for Business.

This is how HatiPlong for Business “provides the right type of support for the right employee at the right time”.

That’s based on the reality that there are methods to support employees while they’re still well, while they’re in early stages of mental health issues, and while they’re in the later stages or in crisis.

Measure the Impact

Organisations can closely measure the impact that HatiPlong for Business has on the days that they are not impacted by stress at work, in addition to absenteeism, employee disengagement and turnover due to stress.

"The innovative HatiPlong for Business approach  is client-centred, preventive, easy accessible (e.g. first by app, and upgraded in care if necessary), convenient (even outside office hours), budget friendly and reducing healthcare expenditure and increasing productivity."

HatiPlong for Business assists employees toward finding solutions or strategies to return to optimal functioning and minimise the impact on the organisation in terms of productivity and efficiency. Our approach helps an employee and/or their family members to address life challenges, ideally before they become distractions that affect home life as well as work performance.

Who benefits from the Mental Health Benefits Services?

Our services provide benefits for both employees and employers. Employees and their families benefit by having a cost-free support resource for work and life issues. Employers benefit from higher productivity when employees are healthy, happy, and functioning well at work.


Some of the benefits are, for instance:

  • Confidential, cost-free support and guidance from an objective, caring professional
  • Help in developing strategies to manage difficult situations
  • An opportunity to look at an old problem in a new way


Which can lead to:

  • More peace of mind
  • Less stress
  • More time - Better Work/Life Balance
  • More clarity about a situation and how to approach it
  • New ideas on how to deal with problems


Mental health benefit programs are important for today’s workplace. They can have a positive impact for employees who are struggling with work and family issues. They make sense for employers who care about the well-being of their employees. And they make sense for your bottom line: your business.