HatiPlong is an online mental health provider with a growing team of professionals and certified, experienced psychologists.

Starting from a vision to increase the quality of mental healthcare and to decrease the stigma of mental health in Indonesia, we provide mental health services that ensure your safety and comfort during online consultations. 

HatiPlong for Business is the division which aims to improve mental health and well-being in companies. These can be both SMEs as Multinational Companies. We are well equipped for these activities, because we have the HatiPlong organization as the core of our activities and expertise. 

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HatiPlong works closely together with a very experienced Dutch organisation active in Mental Health Care: NiceDay. NiceDay provides the technical support (NiceDay app) and the modern communication methods to effectively communicate with clients.


As a modern 2022 mental health care provider, HatiPlong works with advanced methods to reach the clients. Of course all is according to the strictest privacy regulations (where international regulations are leading) and the highest professional standards.


All psychologists are licensed psychologists and will undergo training to keep up-to-date with modern professional standards. Thus our clients can be sure of good treatments.