HatiPlong is an online mental health service provider, supported by a growing professional team including experienced and certified psychologists.

Starting from a vision to improve mental health quality and reduce the stigma of mental health in Indonesia, we provide mental health services that ensure your safety and comfort during online consultations.

HatiPlong for Business is a division aimed at improving employees' mental health and wellbeing in companies, including SMEs to Multinational Corporations.

We conduct these activities professionally, because we have the HatiPlong organization as the core of our service activities.

employee assistance eap

As a modern mental health service provider in 2023, HatiPlong works with advanced methods to reach clients. Of course, HatiPlong pays close attention to strict privacy rules (following internationally standardized regulations) and the highest professional standards.

All of our psychologists are licensed Clinical Psychologists who undergo training to follow modern professional standards. Thus, our clients will get the best service.